For the past 30 years, PDQ has provided the car wash industry with cutting-edge technological advances in car wash equipment and car wash systems, including the first contouring arch and the Virtual Treadle.

PDQ has always been recognized as the world-leading manufacturer of touchless car wash equipment with one of the most powerful names in the industry LaserWash

That same energy and passion that they bring to the touchless industry is being unleashed onto the friction market with the ProTouch® line of in-bay automatic brush equipment.

With so many great options from PDQ, let Mike’s Car Wash Solution assist you in choosing the best fit for your operation.


& Other New Options

Turn your wash into a glowing success! Put the shine back into your profits with the all new OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System by PDQ. Not only will your customer love their shiny vehicle, you will love the extra revenue.


Car Wash Equipment

The latest addition to the ProTouch line by PDQ – the ICON. With the Gen5 Intelligent Brush Control system, this three brush rollover monitors over 20 system metrics to ensure optimal cleaning.


Car Wash Equipment

With Revenue Enhancement and Total Cost of Ownership improvements being the main focus, the LaserWash 360 touchless vehicle wash system delivers the industry’s best Return on Investment.

Access Entry

Pay Stations

Access offers complete site integration, marketing flexibility and multiple payment options. No other system offers the same level of security and built-in payment flexibility.

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