Start A Car Wash

New to the business? Need advice and direction? We can design, bid, build, equip, train, and maintain your wash! Let Mike’s guide you every step of the way!

Location, Location, Location

Location Is Everything!

From examining demographics, traffic counts and patterns, completing a competitive analysis, Mike’s can help you select and approve the right location in your market.


& Development

Let us pair you with an experienced car wash architect to design and develop the optimal site plan for your location. Our team has extensive experience with full service, flex and self-serve layouts and can advise you with a complete understanding of construction, equipment, chemicals and operations.



We can build it too! Why not have the car wash expert make sure your facility meets all the requirements needed to be successful. We know what items are critical to operations and Mike’s Construction Division can be the general contractor on your job.

Have another builder you are comfortable with? We are happy to work with your preferred general contractor on the project. We are on call and can assist with car wash site specific questions and concerns that they may not be familiar with.


& Chemicals

After the construction ceases, let’s fill that building with equipment! Mike’s will make sure you get the optimal equipment combination that best meets your operational goals.

In addition to assisting with the selection of the industry’s best equipment, Mike’s Car Wash Solutions will ensure you have the necessary chemistry required to attain that perfect clean. It’s not just soaps and suds, there really is a chemical balance that must be achieved. We strive for perfection for our customers!


& Service

Now that you are up and running, we will address all your maintenance and service needs, providing monthly maintenance visits, replacement parts and emergency response service. Our service trucks and expert technicians are on the road 24/7 365 days, so you can focus on your customers. You can count on us to keep you up and running!